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What We Offer

We have a wide range of services to meet many of your event & production needs.
We have many years of experience operating various audio & lighting systems. Be it a corporate event, wedding, small concert or other show, we’ve got you covered with full service pro audio & lighting.
Disc Jockey
Being a DJ is more than playing good music. It’s about playing the right music at the right time. Our talented Disc Jockey’s will work with you and guests to give your event a strong vibe.
There’s something special about interpreting what you see and feel through a lens. From designing a brand to displaying your art or life, we’ll build a strong portfolio with the power to tell others your story.
Even with the best photos, there’s nothing quite like a video to capture every detail, expression and sound. We’ll take our years of experience in editing, framing, graphics and sound to capture the emotion of your project.
Seattle local

About Us

Aero Entertainment is a Seattle based media & production company. With a great team of professionals, we provide a broad range of services including audio, lighting, disc jockey’s, photography, videography and more. From corporate events to weddings, small concerts and installations, we service a variety of needs.

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